Ufology may have its proponents, but it also has its opponents. The field of UFO research is filled with experts that are very reputable, highly educated and extremely knowledgeable about UFOs, Flying Saucers and related matters.

But also added to the mix are those people whose scepticism remain unshaken. No matter what evidence you present to them, they will throw out any bit of information that doesn't fit their pre-conceived ideas and theories. Debunkers will even go further and tell you what you saw, instead of listening to what you, the eyewitness, actually saw with your own eyes! Indeed a few are known to work either partly or in whole to government secret agencies.

Rules for UFO debunkers:



UFO Researcher Stanton Friedman Expresses His Views On Debunkers

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Below is a list of the leading sceptics and debunkers, past and present, who have proclaimed – and continue to proclaim – that "there is nothing to UFOs", but have yet to do the research on a topic of which they know nothing about.


01: Dr. Donald H. Menzel

Dr. Donald Menzel (1901–1976) was a Harvard astronomer.

Menzel's disdain for the UFO subject and his published works have been used by skeptics Phil Klass and Robert Sheaffer as evidence that there is nothing to UFOs.

Photo of Donald Menzel

02: Phil Photo of Philip KlassKlass

Philip Klass, was an electrical engineer by education and once the editor of the popular "Aviation Week."

He revealed a complete reversal in his thinking and has now adopted the position that the entire UFO phenomenon (including those cases Klass first thought to be accurate and evidence for new phenomena) was the result of, among others, hoaxes, and observational mistakes.

Curiously, this "change of heart" occured after his hypothesis on plasma balls had been thoroughly discredited and rejected by scientists.


03: Isaac Asimov

Dr. Asimov was a professor of biochemistry, member of Mensa, and one of the most prolific writers of science fiction.

Photo of Isaac Asimov

04: Ben Bova

Benjamin William Bova (born November 8, 1932) is an American author of more than 120 works of science fact and fiction.

Photo of Ben Bova

05: Sir Arthur Photo of Arthur C ClarkeC. Clarke

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, (16 December 1917 to 19 March 2008) was a British science fiction writer and television series host.

Clarke was well known for his television series investigating paranormal phenomena Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World (1980), Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe (1985) and Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers (1994), enough to be parodied in an episode of The Goodies in which his show is cancelled after it is claimed he does not exist.


06:Dr. Carl Sagan

Astronomer, educator and author

Photo of Dr Carl Sagam

07: Robert Sheaffer

A member of CSICOP (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry into Claims Of the Paranormal)'s UFO subcommittee and author of several UFO debunking books.

As with Klass, Sheaffer remains vociferously active in this department. Sheaffer feels that "sympathetic consideration of UFO sightings" is not only "irrational" but threatens a "new dark age."

Photo of Robert Sheaffer

08: Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer is the publisher of Skeptic magazine, the director of the Skeptics Society, the host of the Skeptics Lecture Series at Caltech.

Photo of Michael Shermer

09: James Randi

James Randi is a retired professional magician, author, lecturer, amateur archaeologist/astronomer.

Born in 1928 in Toronto, Canada, where he received his high school education. He was naturalized a U.S. citizen in 1987, and now lives in Florida.

Photo of James Randi

10: James Oberg

James Edward Oberg (born 1944) (often known as Jim Oberg) is an American space journalist and historian, regarded as an expert on the Russian space program.

He was commissioned by NASA to write a rebuttal of Apollo Moon landing conspiracy theories. NASA later dropped the project; however, Oberg has said that he still intends to pursue it. (I am sure he will).

Photo of James Oberg

11: James McGaha

James McGaha is a retired USAF pilot, astronomer and director of the Grasslands Observatory. He held a TOP SECRET compartmented security clearance and was involved in numerous classified operations including operations in the so-called "Area 51."

He has appeared widely in the media, having actively promoted science and debunked pseudoscience for over 35 years, focusing on belief in UFOs and astrology. He is the founder and chairman of the Tucson Skeptics and a Scientific Consultant to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.

See the interview below where he tries debunk a UFO sighting.

Photo of James McGaha

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video is for research and educational purposes only, with the purpose of aiding in the promoting of environmental and human rights and educating people to help make a better world for all.


12: Paul Kurtz

Paul Kurtz (born December 21, 1925 in Newark, New Jersey) is best known for his prominent role in the United States skeptical community.

Photo of Paul Kurtz

13: Seth Shostak

SETI Institute Senior Astronomer.

Photo of Seth Shostak

14: Dr. Photo of Jill TarterJill Tarter

Astronomer Jill Tarter is Director of the Institute's Centre for SETI Research.

This SETI scientist claims UFOs don't exist. Her evidence for such a scientific conclusion? She claims to have attended a single UFO lecture and once mistook the moon for a UFO. How does an astronomer holding a chair at SETI mistake the moon for a UFO?! That says it all about her qualifications in determining UFOs don't exist. So much for being scientific and looking at the evidence.


15: Joe Nickell

Joe Nickell (born December 1, 1944) is a prominent skeptical investigator of the paranormal.

Photo of Joe Nickell

16: Bill Nye (aka "The Deny Guy")

William Sanford "Bill" Nye (born November 27, 1955), popularly known as "Bill Nye the Science Guy", is a comedian, television host, actor, and mechanical engineer.

He is best known as the host of the Disney children's science show Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Stanton Friedman was interviewed on "The Scooter McGee" radio show hosted by Bob Jacobs on 30/07/2008.

You can listen to a clip from this radio show below where he discusses Bill Nye and how he got his facts wrong regarding the 1947 Roswell incident.

Photo of Bill Nye

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video is for research and educational purposes only, with the purpose of aiding in the promoting of environmental and human rights and educating people to help make a better world for all.


17: Dr. Photo of Michael PersingerMichael Persinger

Michael A. Persinger (born June 26, 1945) is a cognitive neuroscience researcher and university professor.


18: Professor Photo of Michael PersingerChris French

Christopher Charles French is a British psychologist specializing in the psychology of paranormal beliefs and experiences, cognition and emotion. He is the head of the University of London's Anomalistic psychology research unit and appears regularly in the media as an expert on testing paranormal claims.

Such a shame that when you hear this man talk he seems to make some valid observations, but comes out with pure rubbish because he has not studied the subject as full as he should. A good example is the Rendlesham interview along side Gary Heseltine