B0001 R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr Beyond Race & Gender
(Unleashing The Power Of Your Total Work Force By Managing Diversity)
B0002 Steven M. Greer CONTACT: Countdown To Transformation
(The CSETI Experience 1992–2009)
B0003 George King
with Richard Lawrence
Contacts With The Gods From Space
B0004 Theo Brown Devon Ghosts
B0005 Brian Jones Exploring The Planets
B0006 Christine Longaker Facing Death & Finding Hope
(A Guide To The Emotional & Spiritual Care Of The Dying)
B0007 Peter Grego Moon Observer's Guide
B0008 Reader's Digest Association Mysteries Of The Unexplained
B0009 Robin Scagell Night Sky Atlas
(The Moon, Planets, Stars & Deep Sky Objects)
B0010 Robin Scagell Stargazing With A Telescope
B0011 Marshall Vian Summers The Allies Of Humanity
(An Urgent Message About The Extraterrestrial Presence In The World Today)
B0012 Christopher Dunn The Giza Power Plant
(Technologies Of Ancient Egypt)
B0013 Marshall Vian Summers The Greater Community
(Contact With Intelligent Life In The Universe)
B0014 Will Gater with Giles Sparrow The Night Sky Month By Month
B0015 Marshall Vian Summers The Reality & Spirituality Of Life In The Universe
B0016 Sir Patrick Moore The Sky At Night
B0017 Andy Thomas The Truth Agenda
(Making Sense Of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover–Ups & Prophecies For Our Times)
B0018 Peter Brookesmith The UFO Casebook
B0019 Clive Harold The Uninvited
(This Story Is True, You'll Wish It Wasn't)
B0020 David J. Eicher The Universe From Your Backyard
(A Guide To Deep–Sky Objects From Astronomy Magazine)
B0021 Bounty Books & Octopus Publishing Group The World's Greatest UFO & Alien Encounters
(Conspiracies, Abductions, Little Green Men – Encounters Beyound Belief)
B0022 Nigel Blundell & Roger Boar The Worlds Greatest UFO Mysteries
B0023 Peter Brookesmith UFO – The Complete Sightings Catalogue
B0024 Peter Brookesmith UFO – The Government Files
B0025 Alan Watts UFO Quest
(In Search Of The Mystery Machines)
B0026 George D. Smith UFO's & The Fishtank
(The Truth Is In Here – An Autobiography)
B0027 Ronald D. Story UFOs & The Limits Of Science
B0028 Whitley Strieber & Anne Strieber The Communion Letters
B0029 Ralph Noyes The Crop Circle Enigma
(A Range Of Viewpoints From The Centre Of Crop Circle Studies)
B0030 William Cooper Behold a Pale Horse
B0031 Graham Hancock Magicians Of The Gods
B0032 Alan F. Alford The Phoenix Solution
(Secrets Of A Lost Civilisation)
B0033 Ben Emlyn–Jones Roswell Rising
(A Novel Of Disclosure)
B0034 Ben Emlyn–Jones Roswell Revealed
(A World After Disclosure)
B0035 Ben Emlyn–Jones Roswell Redeemed
(Humanity After Disclosure)
B0036 Jane Goldman The X-Files Book Of The Unexplained: Vol 2
B0037 Colin Wilson World Famous UFOs
(Mysterious Sightings & Strange Happenings
B0038 Erich Von Daniken Chariots Of The Gods
(Was God An Astronaut?)
B0039 Erich Von Daniken Signs Of The Gods?
(Mysteries Of The Universe)
B0040 Erich Von Daniken Arrival Of The Gods
(Revealing The Alien Landing Sites Of Nazca)
B0041 Annie Jacobsen Area 51: An Uncensored History Of Americas Top Secret Military Base
B0042 Andrew Johnson Acknowledged: A Perspective On The Matters Of UFOs, Aliens & Crop Circles
B0043 Paul Stonehill The Soviet UFO Files
(Paranormal Encounters Behind The Iron Curtain)
B0044 Timothy Good Beyond Top Secret
(The Worldwide UFO Security Threat)
B0045 Albert S. Rosales Humanoid Encounters
(The Others Amoungst Us, 1965–1969)
B0046 Andrew Johnson Finding The Secret Space Programme
(Removing Truths Protective Layers)
B0047 Nigel Mortimer UFOs – Portals & Gateways
B0048 Kathleen Marden & Denise Stoner The Alien Abduction Files
(The Most Startling Cases Of Human–Alien Contact Ever Reported)
B0049 Mary Rodwell Awakening
(How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life)
B0050 Timothy Good Need To Know
(UFOs, The Military & Intelligence)
B0051 Kal K. Korff The Roswell UFO Crash
(What They Don't Want You To Know)
B0052 George H. Leonard Alien Quest
(Beyond Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Beyond Alien)