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01: Don Photo of Don BerlinerBerliner

UFO researcher, author, FUFOR (Fund for UFO Research), "Is There a Case for UFO's?"

"If every UFO report could be convincingly credited to some conventional astronomical or atmospheric phenomenon, there would be no UFO mystery. It is precisely because so many UFO reports cannot logically be blamed on stars, planets, satellites, airplanes, balloons, etc., that a UFO mystery has existed since at least the mid-1940s."

"The most convincing UFO reports were produced in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s by airline pilots, military pilots and ex-military pilots. These men had the training and the experience to be able to distinguish between normal sky sights and highly abnormal sights. They knew what airplanes looked like, and what meteors looked like, having seen them many times. Their visual observations were frequently supported by radar data which showed essentially the same thing. They were therefore able, on many occasions, to methodically eliminate conventional phenomena from consideration when trying to identify UFOs."

"In those same decades, most UFO sightings were made in the daytime and frequently at close range, when shapes and surface features could be distinguished, thus making positive identification of normal sights easier and the descriptions of unusual sights more detailed. When all normal explanations had been eliminated, the witnesses could concentrate on those aspects of the experience which were most abnormal."

"These abnormal aspects included the shapes of UFOs and their behaviour. Most of the UFOs seen in the daytime were said to have had simple geometric shapes--discs, ovals, spheres, cylinders and surfaces that looked like metal. Such shapes are not only nonexistent among known aircraft, but contrary to all known theories of flight, in most cases offering control and performance disadvantages rather than advantages. Even more unusual were the specifics of their flight performance: silent hovering, silent high-speed flight, extreme acceleration, supersonic flight at low altitude without sonic booms, and violent, very high-g manoeuvres. The actions of many UFOs have suggested that they fly independently of the air and even of the force of gravity. The accomplishment of these manoeuvres has been among the major goals of the world's aerospace industry for decades. On the basis of their appearance, behaviour and frequent well-kept, tight formation flights, we must face the possibility that some UFOs may be manufactured, high-tech vehicles."

"At first glance, the idea that some UFOs may be vehicles from outside the Earth seems utterly preposterous, the baseless result of wishful thinking by highly unscientific minds. When authoritative reports of radical-design craft having spectacular performance are viewed in the light of a stream of astrobiological discoveries, the possibility that some UFOs are alien does not seem quite so farfetched. Serious-minded scientists in astronomy and other disciplines estimate there could be billions of planets in the universe, and millions that could harbour life. If even a few of those planets were occupied by technological civilizations, their ability (if not desire) to explore other worlds, such as ours, must be a possibility."

"Hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings have been made by persons in all walks of life, in all parts of the world. Tens of thousands of UFO reports have been made to governmental and private agencies in the past 55plus years. Thousands of these reports have withstood careful scrutiny and appear to represent real objects having a novel nature."

"Patterns of these UFOs' appearance and behaviour suggest a limited range of sizes and shapes of unidentified craft, despite the often-desperate efforts on the part of the American and other governments to discount them as nothing more substantial than mistakes made by naive individuals. Their performance, observed repeatedly by expert witnesses, remains as far off the scale today as it was in the 1940s."

"If even one of these unidentified UFOs turns out to be an alien craft, the impact on all aspects of our nation's culture--economic, political, personal--will be limited only by what is learned from an open, serious, objective study of the subject."

"For more than 50 years, men and women around the world have reported sights in the sky that are strange to their experience and understanding. Inasmuch as many of these sights appeared to be solid objects having impressive performance, they have become known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or, colloquially, flying saucers. Their positive identification is one of the major public/scientific challenges of the era, with a significant number of these sights so far defying all reasonable efforts at classification."

Source: Don Berliner, "What UFOs Are and Are Not"


02: Leslie Photo of Leslie KeanKean

Journalist, UFO researcher, "Science and the Failure To Investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena."

"Unidentified aerial phenomena, otherwise known as UFOs, are real, not the stuff of science fiction. Something for which there is no scientific explanation has been observed in America's (and the world's) air space for over fifty-five years. Trained observers, pilots, air traffic controllers, radar operators, astronauts, military personnel and government agencies have reported and documented spectacular events visually, photographically, and on radar. Many accounts are available in the literature."

"The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma, that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or as any physical force or effect known to our scientists seems to me to be overwhelming. A very large number of sightings have been vouched for by persons whose credentials seem to me unimpeachable. It is striking that so many have been trained observers, such as police officers and airline or military pilots. Their observations have in many instances (though by no means a majority) been supported by technical means such as radar or, even more convincingly, by visible evidence of the condition of the observers or, (and this is common to many events), interference with electrical apparatus of one sort or another. It is difficult to credit that they have all been either lying or hallucinating."

"From the earliest days of the modern outbreak of sightings some forty years ago, there is a quite remarkable similarity between the descriptions given by observers of the flying vehicles. It is the more remarkable that there have been tens of thousands of these reports, from observers who range who range from illiterate peasants in Argentina and Spain to people with Ph.D.s in other countries and they have all been given spontaneously which has led to the generic term "flying saucer." It must be more than a coincidence."

"There have been thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of sightings and encounters, physical results and of the latter, by people all over the world whose evidence on any other subject would be accepted without question. There have been major investigations lasting thirty or forty years by the governments of the USA, Russia and France, for certain, and probably Britain and other countries. At the end of it all, today, we have no hard official information to weigh against some hundreds of books on the subject by private individuals or groups of individuals."



03: Francis Photo of Francis RidgeRidge

UFO researcher, site coordinator, NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena).

"The following is what makes UFOlogy worth pursuing and is not intended for the close-minded. We already have:

  1. Millions of sightings worldwide and a hundred-thousand-plus sightings are on computer (UFOCAT).

  2. 3,000-plus sightings from aircraft (Dr. Richard Haines).

  3. 489 radar cases, many radar/visual (Dominique Weinstein); 363 radar cases, 76 as R/V (USAF records alone).

  4. 5600 trace cases documented 4104 involving UFO visual sightings (CUFOS).

  5. Over 500 cases of E-M effects associated with UFO sightings (CUFOS) and 185 E-M cases documented involving UFOs near aircraft (Dr. Richard Haines).

  6. Hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent close encounters by credible observers whose testimony in court would be taken at face value.

  7. About 4,000 (701 originally) UNKNOWNS listed in Project Blue Book files."

Source: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.


04: Steven Photo of Steven SpeilbergSpeilberg

American director, producer and screenwriter. Spielberg is considered as one of the founding pioneers of the "New Hollywood" era.

"I really found my faith when I realised the government was opposed to the film (close encounters of the third kind). If NASA took the time to write me a twenty&five page letter then I knew something must be happening."



05: Colin Photo of Colin Henry WilsonHenry Wilson

26 June 1931 to 5 December 2013. An English writer, philosopher and novelist. He also wrote widely on true crime, mysticism and the paranormal. Wilson called his philosophy "new existentialism" or "phenomenological existentialism", and maintained his life work was "that of a philosopher, and [his] purpose [was] to create a new and optimistic existentialism."

"These left me in no doubt that something was trying to communicate with us, but that direct communication would be counterproductive. It seemed to be an important part of the scheme to create a sense of mystery."

Source: Alien Dawn


06: William Photo of William AlschulerAlschuler Ph.D.

Has long experience and interest in teaching science to students in non-scientific fields. His professional and teaching interests span astronomy, physics, geophysics, evolution, optics, lasers and holography, global warming, and energy-efficient building design. He has written books on science for the general public.

William's holograms have been exhibited in the Holodome Show, at CCA, and at the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theatre and Science Centre in San Diego. His current research interests are in the history of colour photography, in particular the Lippmann process. He recently contributed 10 articles to the new Encyclopaedia of Nineteenth Century Photography (Routledge 2007).

"If the reports of sudden changes of direction are taken at face value then the UFOs, assuming they carry living passengers, must somehow have total control of inertia. Even if UFOs are only instrumental probes this would also likely have to be true, or they would have to be made of materials unknown to human science, because the internal stresses they undergo would destroy known materials and alloys."



07: Toba Photo of Toba BetaBeta

Toba Beta is syfy writer from Indonesia. He works as economist/practitioner in Indonesia financial industries and capital market.

He is dubbed as Mister Bond by Investor Magazine. He writes journals, novels, quotes and poems.

"You see a lot of UFOs with closed eyes and opened mind."

Source: My Ancestor was an Ancient Astronaut


08: Christopher No Photo AvailableHumphries

"Anything that exists must be possible. The UFOs are here, so interstellar travel must be possible."

Source: UFOs, Psi, and Spiritual Evolution.


09: Photo of a Catullus statueCatullus

Roman poet Catullus, who lived from approximately 87 to 54 BC, the writings of Homer refer to a time when the Gods from space dwelt among the heroes of old. As he said in his poem.

"For then, before religion was despised, The Sky-dwellers in person used to visit the stainless homes of heroes and be seen at mortal gatherings."



10: Laura Photo of Laura Magdalene EisenhowerMagdalene Eisenhower

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of former President Dwight David Eisenhower (1890-1969), has exposed her attempted recruitment from April 2006 through January 2007 by a secret Mars colony project.

"My great-grandfather President Ike, who was also the Army general who led the Allied Forces to victory over Hitler, battled evil corrupt powers on Earth and took on some of the most challenging scenarios in history. As I grew up, I could sense that I was completing this battle that has ancient roots. When Hitler died and the Nazis lost power- the entities including those that were ET/Extraterrestrial did not.

They continued to find hosts and create agreements with people who were a part of the races of the patriarch and Global Elite - who want to run things through fear tactics, control and the suppression."

Source: Interview with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower by Alfred Lambremont Webre